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Table Manners

I seem to have a perennial grouse with most South India food joints. Actually I have that grouse with almost all the South Indian joints I have visited, across India and also in the UAE. The plating of the food and service at the table is lousy, rude and most un-appetising.

For starters, I never understood why my spoon would be dipped in the piping hot ‘sambhar’. So for the first few moments I am trying to blow my hot spoon down to a palatable temperature before doing the same with the ‘sambhar’. Why do they do that? I have no answer to that. From Delhi to Chennai, nobody knows.

Then, there are restaurants that put the innumerable bowls ON the dosa that you have ordered. Thank you so much, I dont need a table mat with stuffing in it. Can I please have the dosa with the bowls BESIDES it and not on it? Why do they do that? I have no answer to that. From Delhi to Chennai, nobody knows.

I dont remember a single Punjabi ‘dhaba’ that I have visited that dips spoons in chana masala or is tucked away under an oily ‘bhatura’. Nor do I remember them in a hurry that tearing that the belly of your dosa is ‘sambhar’-soggy and limp.

It is a culture thing? I dont know. Truth is that it is most annoying the way South Indian food is served. No telling how delicious the food is, only if they improved their service. In all departments.

Let the waiters not ask you what you want with a nod akin to the autorickshaw-walla in Pahadganj.

Let the waiter not mumble the difference of appams like he was talking in his sleep.

Let the spoons be treated with respect.

More importantly, let the food be treated with the respect it deserves.

Only if they achieve this, would I be able to enjoy my South Indian nosh without being coaxed a million times to eat at a restaurant, be it anywhere, Delhi, Chennai or Dubai.


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