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Chaplin hurts Indian Sentiments

In his lifetime, Charlie Chaplin was often accused to leaning to the Left, i.e. suspected of being a communist, but this new accusations would probably have tickled him hard. In fact, it could have moved him to make another hard hitting satirical lampoon, if he was alive.

Apparently, Chaplin is potential enough to hurt Indian sentiments.

Political group Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) claims that putting up a Charlie Chaplin statue in the Indian city of Bangalore would be against Hindu sentiments. Why? Because Charlie was a Christian and not an Indian (or a Hindu).

This time around, I really find myself running short on humour.

Just what all are we Indians capable of drumming up! That today the presence of the bowler hat and cane wielding actor is detrimental to religious sentiments!!! Just because the venue of installation was close to a temple.

We are incredible! We, Indians, are incredulous!

We so deserve a boot on our backsides for thinking and acting like lunatics.

First we reduce the image of Charlie Chaplin to cheap jokers at events and parties who entertain kids by making faces and also showing the same on celluloid. We never understood Chaplin.
But more importantly, we deserve the accolade on our derrieres because we are capable of such demented thinking. There is a limit to democratic expression.
I think the largest democracy in the world is definitely losing its sanity. And ‘Hindutva’ certainly is.

I won’t be surprised, if tomorrow they seek a ban on Bugs Bunny for teaching the Taliban how to dig burrows! 


15 March 2009                              


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