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My time spent on Facebook has increased manifold.

Since the world got social networking sites, things haven’t been the same ever. Blogs are now a thing of the past as are SMS’s. Networking sites are the in-thing now. It is not just the oft used (and sometimes over-used) reason of finding old and long-lost friends, but also the recreational value that it brings with it.

But the reason, I spend more time on FB and not reading online newspapers is that FB makes greater headlines than newspapers, these days. Sample this: How your love life is going on with a string of dates, how numerous parties are lined up that need to be attended, how wonderful the ostentatious party at the exclusive address was, how a husband and wife intend spending time together… I mean, life just got spicier! Where is the need to GO and meet friends, when you get all the gossip here!

I was once chided by my wife who didn’t agree to me putting up my life on the net. She had a point. And took me quite a bit to see it. Life otherwise would become an online version of Ed TV (the film) or maybe The Truman Show. For the world to know what is happening in my life, is strictly on a need to know basis; and you don’t need to know. I still remind myself of this principle. 

Facebook is the new Big Brother. I get minute by minute updates from all my friends dotted across the globe. I get to know how my friends’ conjugal life is going… whether they are going shopping or spending time at home with some TLC!

Thanks to a few who keep a camera handy on them, I am aware of what they are doing morning, noon and night! In fact, I know when their guests start for a party, who got lost on the way, when the party started and when it drew to a close! Wow! Sometimes, I feel married to a few couples I know.

Now I don’t have a higher moral ground here neither am I keeping a superior aloofness. I am just trying to understand the need of it all.

Is there a need to tell the world which expensive restaurant you went and dined at, even if it is a cosy and intimate dinner for two?

Is there a need to announce to the whole world that husbands and wives are planning to stay in over the week-end, as they were ‘missing’ each other desperately?

Is it the need to show to the whole world where you go and party? And what is your ‘party cleavage‘?

Is there a need to show that you shopped in cash and not on credit?

Is there a need to bash your boss on a public forum?

Is there a need to discuss a revealing dress with pictures for cross-reference on a global forum?

Reminds me of somebody I know, who actually wrote who she made out with the night before and how to horror of horrors, she discovered it in the morning!

Aren’t we all turning into sensationalists and exhibitionists?

I am certainly not against social networking sites. Not in the least, since my page 3 needs are met without having to purchase a copy of today’s newspapers.


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