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Vernacular Cut!

The can of Baygone spray sat beside the anti-dandruff shampoo… anyways they do the same job.

The rusted cheep of the scissors across my head, the black comb turning brown at the teeth; I was watching the autumn on the cheap red apron.

I was amused how I was subjecting myself to vernacular hair-cuts every two months.

This gentleman was a Keralite, who we all so ungently, call Malbari.

At times he was more interested in answering his mobile with a wierd Mallu film song.

My hair would dry up and he would start all over again.

His hands smelled of his breakfast which I bet must have been masala dosa and sambhar. Certainly not the best of odours to tickle your nostrils.

He knows only one certain style of snipping, and I came back with that.

Malbari haircut on a Bong head. Posh!


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