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Mic drop!

You either die young to become a legend or live long enough trying to pull off a miracle. Holds true for singers who in their sunset years try to emulate their sterling efforts.

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Decoding the Bengali DNA

Bengalis could be a little difficult to understand. After all they have been type-casted for eons and it is not easy to shake off the cultural claddings in an instant. … Continue reading

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Of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest

It was the first book I won in a school competition. It had illustrations on one side, story on the other. It was the book on the adventures of Robin … Continue reading

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Your Call Is On Hold

Things you can do while you are on call-waiting: Boil and shell an egg Do a crossword puzzle Grow a new farm on Farmville (if you are still playing it) … Continue reading

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So This Is How It Feels

I was nurturing concepts of ‘equal partnerships’ and ‘independent dependency’ while in school. I had decided the ‘type’ of marriage I wanted when most my age were looking for their ‘types’. 10 years later, all love for non-stereotype got tested. Read more here:

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Chef Vikas Khanna – The Man Behind The Fame

Imagine wearing wooden shoes that weigh 8 kilos to straighten misaligned feet. It is perhaps hard to imagine that this boy, bullied at school because of his inability to run, … Continue reading

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Abhijaan – Bengali Film Festival | Edition 2

It was heartening to see a fledgling idea, take wings into its second year. Abhijaan – UAE’s only Bengali Film Festival just closed curtains after a 3-day, star-studded affair. The … Continue reading

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Epic Batman Trail

Before 2014 slips into 2015, I thought it pertinent that I share my epic Batman trails. I had the good fortune of a family holiday in the Windy City of … Continue reading

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Of Concerts, Artists and Event Agencies

So, the concert season starts. This is the time when one gets to see their favourite artists perform, live on stage. Seasoned artists, flavour-of-the-day-artists (scared of this category for they … Continue reading

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Draupadi – Voice Of Dignity

I am always excited when my valued friend, singer and theatre director Jogiraj calls to share his plans for the next stage production. This time he was planning to stage … Continue reading

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Many years back, my artist friend Sharmistha and I planned to put up an exhibition that would have her works and my words. Many years since, she has realised that dream … Continue reading

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I Hate Dentists

I have never been vocal publicly about this but I do not like dentists. My heart-felt commiseration to the nobility of the profession. That still does not make me like … Continue reading

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Super Dress Sense

Noticed the old school super-heroes, recently? They seem to have a new wardrobe. More flattering body suits, dashing cuts and more importantly, they keep the inner wear where it should … Continue reading

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3 Seconds of Fear

I made up my mind to para-glide when in Switzerland. It took a promotional video for me to take that decision. How difficult can running off a cliff be? So, … Continue reading

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Childhood – happy and ‘gay’?

I wonder why 2 popular children’s fiction has gay undertones? Obviously, the thought occurs to you while you are growing up and noticing the world (and its weirdness). Honestly, have you … Continue reading

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Ode to the Humble Kathi Roll

Most South Asians, especially from the sub-continent, will know the pleasure of sinking their teeth into a hot and juicy ‘kathi’ roll! It is a unique preparation that is something … Continue reading

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So, what is your Tooth type?

Off late I have felt that toothpaste adverts are very similar to shampoo adverts. I apologise, if anyone reading this expected a deeper, perhaps existential dilemma that I might be … Continue reading

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The mere thought was like a huge rush. Gushing in. Visions conjured up like it happens on celluloid. The sunshine, mellow from the artistic shadows of the palm trees. The … Continue reading

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P76: Adultification of Childhood

Are modern day parenting styles wiping off the innocence of chilhood? Source: P76: Adultification of Childhood

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